HEXACOMB is the strong, lightweight industrial packaging material that offers ultimate protection with less waste, costs, and hassles. HEXACOMB is stronger than corrugated cardboard and less expensive and more export-friendly than wood.


All U.S. HEXACOMB products are made with SFI source-certified, all-natural paper sources.  EU HEXACOMB products are FSC-certified upon request. HEXACOMB is the responsible alternative to petroleum-based products like molded foam.


Hexacomb products use domestic kraft linerboard for a high percentage of our protective packaging solutions. 100% recycled paper and chipboard can also be used based on customers’ needs.

Panel Sizes (Length up to 120”, Width up to “60”)
(0.375” - 4”; multiple layers can be combined for thicker applications.)

Cell Performance:
(11 PSI to 60 PSI standard; higher PSI available.)

Facing Paper Grades:
(26# - 90# kraft; other customized papers upon request.)

(Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Anti-Abrasive, and Flame-Resistant coatings.)

Custom Fabricating Equipment:
            Miter Cut
            Punch Cut
            Slit Score
            Cookie Cut Breakaway

Patent and Patent-Pending Solutions:
            Hex Flex
            Impact Resistance Edge
            Airflow Pad
            Fire-Resistant Honeycomb Panels
            Glass Separator Panels

Export Friendly, ISPM No. 15 Compliant

International Safe Transport Authority (ISTA) Approved, Sections 1 - 6