Hexacomb Honeycomb Protective Packaging

HEXACOMB is the strong, lightweight industrial packaging material that offers ultimate protection with less waste, costs, and hassles. HEXACOMB is stronger than corrugated cardboard and less expensive and more export-friendly than wood.


All U.S. HEXACOMB products are made with SFI source-certified, all-natural paper sources.  EU HEXACOMB products are FSC-certified upon request. HEXACOMB is the responsible alternative to petroleum-based products like molded foam.


Hexacomb products use domestic kraft linerboard for a high percentage of our protective packaging solutions. 100% recycled paper and chipboard can also be used based on customers’ needs.

Panel Sizes (Length up to 120”, Width up to “60”)
(0.375” - 4”; multiple layers can be combined for thicker applications.)

Cell Performance:
(11 PSI to 60 PSI standard; higher PSI available.)

Facing Paper Grades:
(26# - 90# kraft; other customized papers upon request.)

(Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Anti-Abrasive, and Flame-Resistant coatings.)

Custom Fabricating Equipment:
            Miter Cut
            Punch Cut
            Slit Score
            Cookie Cut Breakaway

Patent and Patent-Pending Solutions:
            Hex Flex
            Impact Resistance Edge
            Airflow Pad
            Fire-Resistant Honeycomb Panels
            Glass Separator Panels

Export Friendly, ISPM No. 15 Compliant

International Safe Transport Authority (ISTA) Approved, Sections 1 - 6