Better industrial packaging for you.
Better for the environment too.
Hexacomb uses renewable resources


We have partnered with our suppliers to bring you responsibly made paper-based products.

  • U.S. HEXACOMB protective packaging products are made with SFI-sourced renewable wood fiber paper, and EU HEXACOMB can be produced with FSC®-certified papers upon request.
  • Using paper-based products alleviates dependence on traditional petroleum-based products and aids in the preservation of precious fossil fuels.
  • Our sustainability extends well beyond the facts that HEXACOMB recyclable packaging products are made from wood fiber and that HEXACOMB is made from renewable resources.
  • HEXACOMB is a conscious steward of the environment within our own operations.
  • Our manufacturing process is designed to use less energy per unit of product than petroleum-based products.

Plus, because our honeycomb packaging is naturally lightweight, it helps lessen fuel consumption during transport and minimizes the carbon footprint while reducing shipping costs.

View a printable certificate of SFI certification of Hexacomb plants in North America

View a printable certificate of FSC certification of Hexacomb plants in Europe:
Amboise, France  Ermelo, Netherlands