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Maximize your load cubing with honeycomb pallets.
Stack products on honeycomb pallets

Uneven loads are not a problem with HEXACOMB honeycomb pallets, blocks, runners, and top pads.

  • Secure and maximize your load with lightweight, user-friendly HEXACOMB, the cost-effective alternative to plastic and wood pallets.
  • HEXACOMB is customized packaging that meets your specific requirements and is ideal for one-way transport, including global exporting.
  • Honeycomb pallets can handle heavier loads compared to cardboard pallets due to their exceptional compression strength.
  • Plus, there are no nails or wood splinters to puncture bagged and sacked items like pet foods, dry chemicals, and bulk foods.

HEXACOMB’s recyclable honeycomb pallets are made of FDA-compliant paper to eliminate any concerns regarding odor transfer or contamination.

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