HEXSTACK™ Bulk Liquid Solution
A Tower of Power for Protecting Large Liquid Containers

Hexacomb’s HexStack bulk liquid solution is an innovative approach to stabilizing pallet loads of large filled bottles during transit. Through customer testing, Hexacomb has shown that its strong, lightweight product can provide desired performance and deliver at a lower system cost than most other alternatives.

  •  HexStack pads offer significant performance and cost savings. In one study, costs were decreased as much as 75% while simultaneously improving performance.
  • The HexStack system uses up to 50% less paper-based material vs corrugated trays/partitions to unitize the same number of bottles.
  • Reduced retail-level labor and time is possible with less material to remove from the display area and to the back storerooms.
  • Increased retail capacity results from a triple vs double stacking on retailers shelves.
  • Increased stability results in improved load stabilization: fewer dented and damaged products and fewer rejects.

The HexStack innovative design enhances load stability, product protection and unitization. Let HEXACOMB evaluate your product stability solution to see if we can lower your costs while improving protection.

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