Packaging Solutions for Glass.
Designed, prototyped and tested for premium protective packaging.
Float glass shipping protection

For the most fragile shipments – glass bottles and jars, float glass and automotive windshields – HEXACOMB offers custom-designed protective packaging and custom packaging utilizing pH-neutral paper-based material.

  • The industry’s strongest, most lightweight packaging prevents damage during shipping and storage and is the ideal replacement for EPS, molded foam, or corrugated cardboard and corrugated containers.
  • Any honeycomb panel, honeycomb board or honeycomb core can be precisely cut, shaped, and assembled into a multitude of orientations by designers working directly with your specifications.
  • Exclusive HEXACOMB Cushion-Comb® is the environmentally safe, customizable alternative with a high crush resistance factor and cushioned curves for consistent protection.

Trust HEXACOMB – to offer maximized protection for even the most delicate of materials.

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