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Transit Protection for Rail, Intermodal, and Truck Shipments.
Wine bottle shipping protection

HEXACOMB’s honeycomb structure is proven in the area of load securement and load containment.

  • Approved by the AAR for many load patterns, our protective packaging products are designed with a honeycomb core to prevent load shifting and reduce product damage in transit.
  • Strong, durable, and lightweight, HEXACOMB offers superior industrial packaging design and performance characteristics over traditional large cell corrugated honeycomb and wood products and corrugated containers.
  • HEXACOMB’s engineered honeycomb packaging solutions include plugs, bulkheads, and doorway protection.
  • Other custom packaging includes load levelers, void fillers, and in-pack protection.
  • We also offer load planning, CAD drawings, and on-site audits.

So whether it’s a beverage shipping container for glass bottles, cased / canned goods, or bagged products, let HEXACOMB be your solution for increased efficiencies and lower transportation costs.

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Beverage stacking packaging for shipping