Automotive Packaging.
Designed, prototyped and tested for premium protective packaging.
Automotive Engine Packaging Solutions

Shipping automotive parts? We help the automotive industry move more smoothly.

  • Unlike wood products, our honeycomb packaging and honeycomb structure do not require export certification, making it the hassle-free, worry-free shipping solution when exporting automotive parts.
  • Our expert industrial packaging design includes custom die-cut protective packaging for all in-pack and transport protection needs, including OEMs for auto, truck and farm equipment.
  • Whatever automotive parts shipping container you need, HEXACOMB’s custom designed protective packaging and die-cut protective packaging provide the ultimate in exported parts protection and efficient one-way shipping.

Plus, honeycomb pallets are more ideal than cardboard pallets for unitizing heavy, forged parts such as electric motors and pumps.

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Automotive Component Packaging