Your global protective packaging and custom packaging partners.
Worldwide distributor of honeycomb protection products

With 14 established plants worldwide, we aid in the reduction of shipping costs and delivery times.

HEXACOMB’s international presence maximizes the availability and assortment of honeycomb commercial products to offer ideal industrial packaging and custom packaging solutions.

Our expert designers and engineers work at state-of-the-art design centers across the globe to assure even better collaborative efforts to provide a customized industrial packaging design that is unsurpassed in the protective packaging industry.

In addition, our superior customer service and sales support help our customers grow and  satisfy end-users with exceptional products and solutions.

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International Design Centers:

Developing custom designed protective packaging, including custom die-cut protective packaging, and working with cross-functional teams in multiple languages is business as usual for HEXACOMB.

Our full-service design teams will design, prototype, and test each honeycomb panel, honeycomb board, honeycomb structure and honeycomb core at no cost to you.

Our design centers are located in the U.S., Mexico, France, and the Netherlands.